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This book grew out of a long personal fascination with taxonomy - or the ordering of the living world by scientists. Despite a reputation as a dull and dusty librarian-type practice for zoologists and botanists, taxonomy, in reality, is something much grander. It is the practice of deciphering and giving shape to what one declares to be the reality around oneself. It’s as basic and as profound an understanding as any that humans can have and really must have in order to navigate the world, though we hardly think of it in our modern lives. And it was this fascination that led me on a journey into anthropology, neuroscience and linguistics to look at the ways that everyone, from different cultures, different times, the brain-damaged and the healthy ordered the world - the living reality - around them. Out of that journey came many surprises including, in the end, the discovery that taxonomy remains an indelible, if unrecognized, part of our daily lives and an essential aspect of what it means to be human. You can read an excerpt of the book published in the New York Times.
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